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Marques de Murrieta Tasting, 9th Feb 1993

Marques de Murrieta Tasting, 9th Feb 1993

Bodegas Marques de Murrieta, S.A.



1986 Blanco Reserva 7.95 Pounds
Fruity, small bouquet. Viura 18 months in oak.  Sweet finish.

1986 Tinto Reserva 8.95 Pounds
5% Matsuelo and 95% Temp.  3 years cask.  Bottle May 1990.  Not much tannin.  More development needed.

1983 Tinto Gran Reserva 14.50 Pounds
A deep red/brown pushing more uniform brown edge.  Slightly stronger, longer finish. “Spiced Violets.” 74% T, 10% G, 13% Matsuelo.  6 months vat.  5 cask.  Full, nice nose, familier.

1975 Tinto Gran Reserva 23.00 Pounds
Concentrated, not the length of the ’83.  Full wine.12% G, 75% M.

1970 Castillo Ygay Blanco 28.50 Pounds
! Strong bouquet, deeper slightly gold color.  Strong finish, fills the mouth, goes up the nose.  Minimal effect of oak on wine, tartrate ~ 1 meter thick.  Very long on the palatte. 18 years in cask.  Oak, “Citrus.”  6% Malvazia, 94% Viura.

1970 Tinto Gran Reserva 29.50 Pounds
! Strong bouquet than ’75.  Superb year!  Length.  1968 is more expensive not as good.  94% T, 3% M, 3% Garnache.  Doubt the 1970 again.

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